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Alchemy of Art Podcast

On the “Alchemy of Art” podcast we interview artists from a wide variety of mediums about their creative process and art philosophy.   Each episode includes artist interviews and stories about artists to inspire you and keep you going. Hosted by Addie Hirschten, a contemporary impressionist painter, art teacher, author and public speaker.

Past guests on the show include Megan Jefferson, Caravan Classes, Bobbie Lancaster, Paula Scott-Frantz, Kyle Herrington, Tori Weyers, Rebecca Berdel, Laura Lohmann, Sharon Vargo, Cara Moczygemba, Bianca Dudeck-Mandity, Randal David Tipton, Elizabeth Duvivier, Danny Gregory, David Gallup, Pam Newell, Carrie Schmitt, Dianne de Las Casas, Sofiya Inger, Trisha Adams, Jessica Kaufman, Sonja Brooks, Dan Fifer, Dima Kroma, Jason Adams, Richard Brendan, Jude Odell, Jessica Green and more...

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Episode 44 Interview with Book Artist and Creative Business Coach Kiala Givehand

Today's episode features an interview with the Book Artist and Creative Business Coach, Kiala Givehand, and the Chinese folktale, The Story of Tanabata.

Kiala Givehand is a creativity and empowerment coach, poet/writer/editor, mixed media book artist, and workshop leader.  Givehand received an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetry from Mills College.  For more than 15 years she taught English and Language Arts at every level including college level Creative Writing, Humanites, and English Composition.  

She now works with small groups of students, teachers, artists, writers, and creative entrepreneurs who want to identify their passions so they can embrace their gifts and talents through the empowered expression of their deepest desires.  She loves teaching and empowering others to live with intention.  Find out more at:

Episode 43 Interview with Creativity Doula Alexis Cohen

Today's episode features an interview with Creativity Doula, Alexis Cohen.  Cohen is a certified hypnotherapist, birth doula, creativity coach and visual artist.  Find out more about her creativity coaching at or on her art website

The story of the day is how the song "We Shall Overcome" was changed to become one of the most powerful unifiers of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. 

Hirschten announces on today's show that her book "The Alchemy of Painting: Developing Your Style and Purpose" is available for pre-orders!  Get your copy today at:

Episode 42 Interview with Painter Megan Jefferson

Episode 42 features a thoughtful interview with painter, Megan Jefferson, and a true personal story, "Bloom Where You are Planted."  We talk about finding flow and intuitive painting. Find out more about Megan Jefferson's work at:

Episode 41 Interview with the Creators of Caravan Classes

Erin Goodman is an art teacher at Zionsville Middle School and Deanna Leonard is a metal designer, jewelry maker and art instructor.  Together they formed the business "Caravan Classes."  On today's episode they join us for share their personal art stories as well as how they formed the company "Caravan Classes."  Find out more on their website:

Episode 40 Interview with Songwriter Bobbie Lancaster

On episode 40 singer/songwriter Bobbie Lancaster shares her journey of becoming a musician.  Along with teaching songwriting through the "Arts for Learning" organization and conducting music at her church Bobbie has has now produced 9 albums in a wide variety of musical genres including blues, bluegrass, folk, children's music,and gospel.  Listen to her recordings on CD Baby or follow her on Facebook under Bobbie Lancaster Songwriter.

The story of the day is a true story of "The Kite" featured in the book "The Alchemy of Art: Stories for the Classroom."  In addition Hirschten shares how that story became the seed for her new illustrated children's book, "The Happy Kite."

Episode 39 Interview with Felt Artist Paula Scott-Frantz

On today's episode fiber artist, Paula Scott-Frantz, shares her love of felt as well as her extraordinary personal art stories.  She has been working with the Indianapolis Museum of Art for over twenty years and offers a refreshing perspective on the purpose of art. The art history story of the day is about the origin of art therapy movement.

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