The Alchemy of Painting  

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Are you interested in developing your painting skills? Inspired by questions asked by her painting students, artist Addie Hirschten created this book to encourage your individual artistic journey. This how-to guide for painters both explains basic painting techniques and prompts you to develop your own artistic style.

Topics covered include:

- painting materials

- creating an art studio

- steps to painting

- developing your signature style

- tricks of perspective

- values

- composition

- color mixing

- color harmony

- the role art will play in your life and more!

The classic exercises in this book will help you develop your skills whether you wish to work abstractly or realistically. The many contributing artists share a wide variety to styles to inspire you. They include Trisha Adams, Charlene Brown, Elizabeth Chapman, Lynn Dunbar, Jessica Green, Sofiya Inger, Megan Jefferson, Dima Kroma, Pamela C. Newell, Leslie Saeta, Carrie Schmitt, and Randall David Tipton.

The Happy Kite Cover.jpg

The Happy Kite

Written and Illustrated by Addie Hirschten

“The Happy Kite” is a children's book that is inspired by a true story that happened to Hirschten and her daughter.  It is a heartwarming tale of overcoming fears and the benefits of working together.

Denis and His American Trunk

Written by Theresa Maloney Schoen and Illustrated by Addie Hirschten

When his sisters emigrate from Ireland to Indianapolis, Indiana, Denis and his mother are left behind. When will they follow their family across the ocean? In this stunning true story a family learns how to deal with the unexpected. 

Alchemy of Art: Stories for the Classroom

Written and Illustrated by Addie Hirschten

“The Alchemy of Art: Stories for the Classroom” is a compilation of fifty folktales and true stories about artists and the creative process. In this delightful collection, Hirschten offers classic tales such as the Greek Muses, Pygmalion and more.

Designed to be read aloud in art classrooms of all grade levels, each story develops the reader’s understanding of art. Students love hearing these stories as they create their assignments. Teachers love how these stories can inspire new artwork as well as link history, literature and the arts.